Impossible Futures Lab

Sonja is a design researcher, strategist and entrepreneur investigating future post-disciplinary and cross-sector design and development practices necessary for a more sustainable, inclusive and democratic digital future. In particular, she critically researches the nuances in ethical practice which attends to value trade-offs, intersectional power structures and social infrastructures, which manifest in both the current development practices of machine learning systems, as well as in the governmental and corporate visions and plans for future development strategies of AI.

She holds a MSc in Interaction Design and Gender & Society studies. She is also co-founder of the innovation & design studio Block Zero in Malmö, where she grew and led a team of multidisciplinary designers, creating experiences which bring humans and technology closer.

Projects she has led range from complex data visualisation and designing for ecosystems such as smart homes and connected cities, to establishing communication strategies and design languages in fields such as e-health, AI and biometrics for both local start ups and global clients such as EON, Electrolux and Microsoft.